PodWorks for Mac

PodWorks for Mac

PodWorks for Mac is a utility for the transfer of iPod files

PodWorks for Mac has been created to aid in the transfer of files from and iPod to a Mac, a Mac to an iPod, or an iPod to iTunes. This utility can copy DVD movies, video, and music to iPod compatible formats.

PodWorks for Mac is capable of transferring files between multiple iPods and iPhones to Mac, other iPods, or iTunes, and various other features.

Using this program allows users to import files to various iPods and iPhones as well with a drag and drop function. PodWorks for Mac is compatible with files such as MPEG, AVI, WMV, WMA and more for use with iPods.

This software can handle over 25 iPods or iPhones fore file movement and storage. PodWorks for Mac can be used with iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod 4G, iPod nano 3, iPod classic Pod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod shuffle 2, iPhone, and even 3G iPhone, iPhone OS 3, and many other devices as well.

This software will allow you to view your device model, capacity, version, format, and serial number, along with allowing you to create playlists of your files while viewing them in thumbnail or list modes.

Thumbnail modes allow for addition of illustration to files. This software is useful for the editing, managing, and transfer of files between iPod and Mac.

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PodWorks for Mac


PodWorks for Mac

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